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Raaawr. Garb's done.

It may be a touch clumsy, but it is my first try -- and my garb for this evening's steampunk party at Arisia is all finished. I've cut out and riveted together my Maverick holster, the Maverick repaint is more or less done (though somehow the revolving mechanism has gotten out of whack in my repainting and reassembly; I'll have to look into that on my next attempt -- and that one I'll take lots of pictures for), and my various items and garb are clean and ready to go. I'll have to get someone to take a picture of me at the party, and I'll no doubt be taking lots of pictures myself.

Mega-thanks, though, to amoryburgess -- his tutorial was the one that gave me the idea for the Maverick repainting, and my first attempt very much followed in his footsteps.

For now, a shower and a meal, and then some vacuuming in my project room to get all the little bits of punched-out leather.

Important safety tip...

Painter's Choice clear spray enamel to be avoided AT ALL COSTS in the future. Damned stuff literally melted the very nice repaint that I'd done on a Nerf Maverick, right back down to the base plastic coloring. *scowl* That'll take at least a full day to repaint properly... *sigh*

On the plus side, I did receive my Girl Genius softcover collections and the lovely railroad-embossed pocketwatch I won in auction. *grin*

So, glass half full and all that. : )

A site for telescopes and miscellanea.

I did an idle web-search for pocket telescopes this morning, thinking that something of the sort would go well with my explorer-persona. I found these:

And thus discovered the site that they were listed on:


They also appear to have a broad selection of useful tools and othersuch that could be adapted for almost anyone's use.

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